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Ceresan products as sustainable beneficial alternatives to starch products for non food applications in the industry

Ceresan Erfurt GmbH - an innovative Saxon medium-sized enterprise

Our mission is to support our customers
- to produce more sustainable
- to increase the efficiency of their production
- to reach their reliable supply by best possible conditions.

To succeed we need to produce ourselves in a sustainable, resources saving and flexible way.

Core of our corporate philosophy is our consistent commitment to preventive environment protection. Our understanding of sustainable technology is always integrated in our research and development for our unique process and for our products.

Because of that we continuously realise new objectives and implement them into our new product generation of starch and protein containing wheat flour modificates. With these we offer to our customers an alternative to conventional industrial additives based of extracted native or modified starches. These innovative products we make using our unique process water free technology. The high standard of quality and functionality for our product range we assure with a quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

The needs and the satisfaction of our customers are the basis of our work. Therefore we assist them with
- a careful application engineering service in using our products
  already in planning stage. Basis is a detailed analysis of the
  technological conditions of the application.
- monitoring of application tests.
- the proposal for the individual technological solution for problems
  and the monitoring by engineers during the realisation.
- the development of tailor-made products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – Our contacts are gladly available for you.


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ceresan Erfurt GmbH 
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