ecke-20 Notification   –   New Managing Director ceresan Erfurt GmbH

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen´s,

We would like to take the opportunity to inform you that our previous Managing Director, Mr. Hauke Koch, has completed his activities for ceresan Erfurt GmbH and the Roland Mills Untid Group to the end of the year 2016.
On this way we say thank you very much to Mr. Hauke Koch for the work rendered and we wish him all the best for his further professional career.
Effective from January 27th, 2017, Mr. Hans – Christoph Erling will be the new General Manager of ceresan Erfurt GmbH.

With the manifold experiences of Mr. H.C. Erling in top Management positions of the Roland Mills United Group, the next step has been implemented to incorporate ceresan Erfurt again closer and more intensive in the Roland Mills United Group.
With a further optimization of the business processes of ceresan Erfurt GmbH within the Roland Mills United Group and in the direct cooperation with our customers the next step is done for the future of the company.

We are getting excited about this situation, looking forward on a good cooperation and wishing Mr. Hans – Christoph Erling a lot of success.

Peer Steinbrück
Plant Manager

 ecke-20  Preservation of tradition, renewal of structures  –  The new Logo of ceresan Erfurt GmbH

A good structured and projected modernization and remodeling of a company starts with the employees, involves diverse processes and structures and includes in the most cases a new corporate symbol (Logo). In this course of modernization, ceresan Erfurt GmbH is pleased to introduce the new Corporate Logo, valid from February 1st, 2017.

It was and it is our target to combine tradition and modern spirit to deliver our customers the well – known reliability and quality, based on the up-to-date requirements.

Targeted, the previous spike in the old logo we have matched by a shortened green angle and the character is visible quiet clearly. Thereby, ceresan Erfurt GmbH gets presented in a new design with clear structures as well as an explicit and targeted orientation. The green angle in our new logo shall visualize our focus on wheat as well as on sustainability and ecology in our complete production process, and it shall create a high recognition value.

Peer Steinbrück
Plant Manager

 ecke-20  ceresan – Stronger than starch

Welcome to the Homepage of ceresan Erfurt GmbH: innovative, environmental-friendly and sustainable products & solutions.

By means of a unique and exceptional production process, we are specifically producing modified starch products from conventional cereal flour.
On this website you can find the starch product fitting to your application and if you have an issue with your product or process, we can help with our customer-specific solutions and services.
Find out, how our company was founded and learn something about our corporate history.
Furthermore, let us convince you about the quality of our starch products.

Our team will gladly advise you in a personal discussion. We are looking forward to your contacting.

 ecke-20 ceresan News 04 / 16

Christmas / New Year

It was a busy year with a lot of changes and a very good cooperation with our business partners.
We have managed the approach for the business year 2017 and we are pleased to have a contemplative Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. ceresan Erfurt GmbH wishes all business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rebuilding Chemicals Warehouse

The rebuilding of the chemicals warehouse has been finished within the time limit. The first delivery of our main chemicals have to be carried out already and the new warehouse  is in operation with these first deliveries. Now we have a closed processing from the tank vehicle till the production and the goal to improve the occupational and process safety is fulfilled in a comprehensive way.

New Investments

ceresan Erfurt GmbH don´t take a rest on the achievements of the past, we continue to invest in the optimization of our production process. In the new year we will install 7 new dosage systems and we update our weighing technique. About the latest news of these works we will inform in the next ceresan news as well as in facebook and google+.

New Managing Director

Our current Managing Director, Mr. Hauke Koch, will leave ceresan Erfurt GmbH and the Roland Mills United – Group contemporary. Already today we want to thank Mr. Hauke Koch for his work and wishing him all the best on his new way of doing business.
End of January 2017 during a shareholders meeting the new Managing Director of ceresan Erfurt GmbH will be named. Referring to this we will inform in a separate business letter.

New Logo

In the frame of the reconstruction and restructuring of ceresan Erfurt GmbH, starting from February 1st 2017, on all business documents and on our website we will present a new logo. Also to this, later we will inform all of our customers in details with a separate business letter.

Sincerely yours,

Your ceresan – Team

 ecke-20 ceresan News 03 / 16

Crop 2016

Last year, the sowing has been carried out in line with the time, in which it gaves some start up problems by dryness in autumn on various occasions. The mild winter leads to good stocks without harms to leave clay to weather.
By the a bit to dry spring, the plant growth was slowing up and this effect gets increased by missing precipitations in May and June. The eutrophic grounds of the Thuringia Basin, the traditional wheat gathering ground of the Roland Mills United East, with headquarters in Bad Langensalza, can buffer more moisture, therefore the plants could develop a strong root system which was be able to provide the plants with enough water.
This year the grain crop must be interrupted frequently by periodic precipitations. Till August 11th, 2016, only 50% of the wheat and rye fields have been harvested. Altogether, the European Grain Market Stocks have been revised slightly downwards, but the quality has been rated in the most parts as constant. Also in the next year we are able, as usual, to deliver modified grain flours in constant good quality.

Replacement Indoor switch – and control gear

The first project of our replacement works has been already completed very successful.
The obsolescent indoor switch gear has been replaced by a new facility.The rebuilding starts at August 12th, 2016 over the weekend and has been completed on August 15th, 2016.
Special thanks to the colleagues of the ceresan – locksmith and electric departments, which have been realized the replacement works without disturbances and problems.
Also special thanks to VS Schaltanlagen Bad Kösen for the quick delivery.

Reconstruction Chemicals Storage

Our 2nd Reconstruction project is the storage of our major chemicals.
After substantial planning and calculation, in the near future our main chemicals will be delivered by
tank trucks and processed afterwards. Thereby we grant a closed process from the supply till the processing and thereby a massive increase of occupational safety and a reduction of possible hazards. The finishing of this reconstruction we expect for second half of October 2016. Some views on these building activities will be seen at Facebook, Google+ and on our webpage.

Our staff

Since the 1st of July 2016  we welcome Mrs. Teubel as enhancement of our laboratory team in the divisions of Quality Management and Research & Development.We are pleased about this increase and wishing her many successful years in the ceresan – Team.

Ceresan on – site

Continuing education is the “A” and “O” to be a player in the quick shifting paper market.
Because of this reason, on the 6th of October 2016, Mrs. Dr. Petersen will take place on a seminar of the PTS in Dresden, subject:  Renewable Raw Materials for the Paper Industry.
We are pleased to get exciting contents and information which we can combine with our available knowledge and experiences.

Sincerely yours,

Your ceresan – Team

 ecke-20 ceresan News 02 / 16

Our Employees

After more than 20 years of seniority, Mrs. Zander will leave ceresan on July 31st, 2016. Mrs. Zander was a very valuable, loyal and faithful staff member and has managed the communication between customers and the forwarding agents in best practice. We regret that she leaves the company and wish Mrs. Zander all the best for her new period of life. The operational procedures of Mrs. Zander will be taken over by Mrs. Golke and Mrs. Hesselbarth.


Companies Run

„The Leipzig Companies Run“  – ceresan has participated very successful already last year –  enthuses also in this year numerous participants and visitors. We are started with 5 runners and have finished the run successful with a lot of fun. Impressions thereto you will find on our facebook and google+ side.

Summer Holidays

Also in this year, our production will be fully keep up during the summer holidays.  Thus, we secure that we can serve our customers in the quality and delivery reliability as usual and product shortages will be eliminated.

Crop perspective

The crop carousel accelerates bit by bit.
The wet months May and June in Central Europe have driven up the prices higher on the stock exchange. , also amongst others with the view of expecting grain sickness defects and quality degrees of degradation. However, contrary to this are the last estimations of the FAO which expects a bumper crop only tight under the level of 2014/2015.
It remains to be seen how it will develops within the next weeks and to hope on a good crop and appropriate good crop conditions.

Preview reconstruction

In this summer ceresan starts a reconstruction project which you can follow up on our homepage, or our facebook and google+ side. At this point, we don´t want to whistle blow to much, stay snoopy …….

Sincerely yours,

Your ceresan – Team

 ecke-20 ceresan News 01 / 16

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Also 2016, ceresan Erfurt GmbH will be at your side as a reliable supplier and service provider.
We would like to take the opportunity to inform you by a Newsletter about changes and news in our enterprise.

Alternation of Generations

The alternation of generations which has been initiated already in 2013 has been completely consummated per 31.12.2015. Longtime colleagues have been speeded on retirement and their positions have been replaced by new colleagues.
In a longtime familiarization we have secured not only a complete and professional high qualified transfer of Know How and the handling of the existing business processes, we have also developed new projects with a constructive implementation.
At this point our special thanks for the longtime teamwork to Mr. Dr. Rolf Schirner, the founder and
longtime Head of the Research and Development Department. His position was taken over by
Mrs. Dr. Sandra Petersen. Contact data of Mrs. Dr. Petersen please see at our new Homepage.

Image and Presentation

25 years of ceresan are characterized by manifold changes in the market and the company itself.
That’s why we have completely new designed our Homepage and have been adjusted it on our objectives: young, dynamic and user- and service oriented.
Our goal “From One Source”is accurately defined in our new homepage and covers not only the manufacturing of modified flours, but also the complete line up on services, starting from Research and Development, via manufacturing, application-technical support, supply of technical devices up to the quality- conscious and on time deliveries to our customers.

Starch cooking devices

Based on long lasting experiences we have developed our own generation of starch cooking devices.
AS developer and engineering owner we manufacture these devices with a well experienced cooperation partner in the Czech Republic. Service, training and spare parts providing are matter of course elements in this complex product portfolio and underline our corporate philosophy “From One Source”.
For questions and information, our Application and Sales Department will be available for you.
Contact data please see at our homepage.

On this way we want to say thank you very much for the longtime, trusting and successful cooperation and we are looking forward to a fascinating and efficient continuation of our business relationship.

With best regards,

Your ceresan – team