actual information regarding Coronavirus

UPDATE March, 18th 2020

According our first information letter we want to send you an update about the actual situation:
Our production still runs as normal and we don’t have any infection in our factory so far. We do our best to increase the infection protection by send employees into the home office and separate those who have to be in the factory to keep our production upright.
We are not aware of any restrictions of product transport at the moment but we see some delays, especially for transit transports at the boarders. The availability of transports is at the moment okay.
Our warehouse is well-filled and we don´t expect any delivery problems right now. Infect, some prices for chemicals increased but we face them to keep our production upright.
However, the situation is changing rapidly and we do not know what the coming weeks will bring along. We will immediately inform you if the situation will change and if the availability of the product will change or difficulties in transportation.

 ecke-20  ceresan – Stronger than starch

Welcome to the Homepage of ceresan Erfurt GmbH: innovative, environmental-friendly and sustainable products & solutions.

By means of a unique and exceptional production process, we are specifically producing modified starch products from conventional cereal flour.
On this website you can find the starch product fitting to your application and if you have an issue with your product or process, we can help with our customer-specific solutions and services.
Find out, how our company was founded and learn something about our corporate history.
Furthermore, let us convince you about the quality of our starch products.

Our team will gladly advise you in a personal discussion. We are looking forward to your contacting.