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Since more than 25 years, ceresan Erfurt GmbH is a medium-size manufacturer of modified starch products belongs to the location of Markranstädt. Our exceptional production process, which is unique in Europe, enables the fabrication of modified starch products from conventional cereal flour by means of a dry chemical modification process. Application fields are pulp and paper production, plasterboards (gypsum), tissues and numerous other applications.

With the help of about 25 employees, ceresan Erfurt GmbH is modifying up to 15,000 tons of cereal flour p.a. and produces starch products, which are specifically adapted and perfected according to your requests.

The reliable quality of our products as well as our new product development are held in high regard from successful company of the paper and building materials industry in Germany and many other countries in Europe.

ecke-20 History

1990 company foundation by Dr. Rolf Schirner as a traditionally producing starch factory on the terrain of the 1883 founded sugar factory Markranstädt

1991 development of the concept for the production chemically modified starch products in a water and waste water free dry process including a marketable product portfolio. Promotion of the realization of R&D concepts for the production of sustainable starch products funded by “BMFT” and “Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt”

1992 start of construction of the pilot plant for the dry chemical modification process, acquisition of first customers for the test products

1994 transition towards industrial production of a basic assortment of ionic and acidly hydrolyzed starch products

1995 start of export

1996 introduction of certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001

2002 contribution of Heyl Mühlenwerke & Co KG

2008 Exceeding the quantity of sales of 15,000 tons on the European market

2011 start of corporation with Roland Mills United and Agravis for optimization of resource base

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ecke-20 Principle / Philosophy

The main focus of our company philosophy is on the individual and efficient solution of customer’s issues by intensive service, well-engineered and environmental-friendly products as well as a continuous research process.

By means of our unique waste water and waste product-free production process as well as our consequent affirmation towards a preventive environmental protection, integrated in research and development division, we aspire to reduce the energy demand of our process. This is particularly evident in the CO2 emissions per ton of starch, which is exorbitantly low in comparison to conventional starch manufacturers.

Our employees as the pillars of ceresan Erfurt GmbH are the basis of our value creation process. Their knowledge and continuous advanced education make it possible that we can together accomplish the increasing challenges of the market and customers with care and efficiency. A safe working environment as well as careful handling with resources and products is contributing to a continuous satisfaction throughout the company.

ceresan Erfurt GmbH takes the compliance of the legal requirements and the social responsibilities for granted. Regular inspections, supplier audits and the certification in accordance with ISO 9001 enable the continuous optimization of our process. Our involvement in the region of Markranstädt as well as the area of Leipzig is topped off with the close corporation for product development with research institutions and universities throughout Germany.

Environmental protection and sustainability of products start for ceresan Erfurt GmbH already in the process of research and development and proceed in an environmental-friendly production.

For us, responsibility for the future means more than just using renewable resources. For us, a permanent further development of the symbiosis between ecology and high-tech in production and application is of prime importance.

ecke-20 Resources and Logistics

The approved corporation with our partners Agravis and Roland Mills United Group allows us to have for our main resource flour a direct influence on the best cereal quality from local and international growing area and therefore the possibility to permanently choose for our customers the best resource. Thereby, we profit from very high quality standards of the food industry.

Chemicals which are needed for the modification as well as the other resources and auxiliary material are in accordance with the strict legal requirements. Regarding type and supplier, these chemicals are chosen and used according our high requirements on environmental friendliness and sustainability.

In the region of the aspiring logistics location Leipzig, we are cooperating with diverse logistics partners in order to optimize transport services as well as unproblematically realize customer’s requests regarding packaging and periods of delivery even over long distances.

The delivery of our finished product is exclusively accomplished by certified transport companies, which ensure the compliance of our standards for the delivery of our products to our customers in desired quality and implement our customer-specific guidelines.

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ecke-20 Production Process

By means of our innovative and exceptional production process, our starch products are developed in a waste water and waste product-free process.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

ecke-20 Research and Development

New solutions – Exercise our minds

Our sustainably advantageous technology provides us and our customers a wide potential for the design of customized starch products, which we are intensively using. For this purpose, we command diversified staff with long experience in the field of starch containing resources and their direct-chemical derivatization.

We are permanently enhancing our know-how regarding production and application of our starch products. Thereby, we are cooperating with numerous of universities, polytechnics and institutes. A corporation with customers is conducted by joint projects.

Challenges of our customers are welcome! Finding solutions of issues of most diverse fields and implementing these with our application-technical service in the production process of our customers, this is always a positive challenge for us.

We will gladly advise you in a personal discussion. Please feel free to contact us.


ecke-20 Career and Education


Regardless of whether business economist, lab assistant, engineer or production worker: ceresan Erfurt GmbH offers numerous exciting and challenging career opportunities.

Unfortunately, we have no vacancies to offer at the moment.

We are pleased that you are interested in working for ceresan Erfurt GmbH and we are waiting for your speculative application via email.